What is fluency?

“Fluency is the accurate and rapid naming or reading of letters, sounds, words, sentences, or passages. When students can perform reading and reading-related tasks quickly and accurately, they are on the path to fluency, an essential element of comprehension and mature reading.” (Vaughn & Linan-Thompson, 2004, p. 50)

Introduction Activity

Use the audio clip below to help your students understand what fluent reading sounds like and does not sound like. The clip discusses reading with an appropriate speed and interesting voice. The story, Pierre by Maurice Sendak, is used to illustrate poor examples of reading and good readers.

Materials for Fluency

Activity Ideas
3-Dimensional Names
On an index card sized strip of foam write each student's name with 3-dimensional paint. Students trace their name with their finger to practice beginning at the top and pulling down, letter formation, and identifying the letters. The cards can also be used for sorting names by number of sounds, beginning sounds, same letters, and number of syllables.

The Living Alphabet
Students work in groups to create each letter of the alphabet using their bodies and take a picture using a digital camera. Compile the pictures to create a class book in Power Point. Students can also dictate a caption for each picture sharing something that begins with the letter in the picture.

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