What are Concepts About Print?
  • Parts of a book
  • Print and pictures have meaning
  • Direction of print
  • Page sequencing
  • Letters and words
  • Return sweep
  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Punctuation
  • Author/Illustrator

These accessories are cheap and reusable. They are very helpful for students learning one-to-one correspondence with counters, numbers, letters, or words. They are also useful for reminding early readers to keep their eyes on their words when they are rereading texts. I have also used them to motivate students during choral reading by passing the reading finger around to students who keep their eyes on the words and use a good reader voice.
  • Martian Reading FingersMartian Fingers. These creepy vinyl fingers are out-of-this-world! For an outer space treat, add these 3" wonderfully weird alien fingers to Halloween goody bags or hand them out to trick-or-treaters. Little monsters love wearing these spooky accessories with their costumes! $5.99/72 pieces
  • Foam Fingers Mini Foam Fingers. Printed with "We're #1", these hand-shaped foam finger puppets are crowd pleasers. $2.99/dozen.

Interactive White Board ActivitiesConcepts of Print Song´╗┐This page displays lyrics and plays music for a song about concepts of print.We Read and Write From Left to Right Video
This video explains how we read and write from left to right.