Send the Contact Information pages home for families to fill out. Up to six contacts can be added. Then 3-hole punch the pages and put them into a 3-ring binder with tabs labeled with student names. Place 1-3 pages of the Phone Log form behind each student's Contact Information page. This system is very helpful for knowing the names and relationships of caretakers, having multiple contacts for emergencies, and documenting communication.

This treasure bag activity is great for building a sense of community and creating a caring environment during the first week of school. The number of items and descriptions are short and simple. Sit with students on the carpet and introduce each item, one at a time, and what it is supposed to remind us of throughout the school year. Review the items every day during the first week. Students take the bags home at the end of the week. You can display the paper and one of each item up in the room near the classroom rules or classroom behavior management system as a reminder throughout the year.